Organic Salted Bread Twists / Puff Pastry Straws - organic, no palm oil, no GMOs, vegetarian

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These organic salted crispy breadsticks are a Swiss specialty that is locally called puff pastry flute as their shape resembles a flute. They accompany perfectly champagne, wine, beer, and other beverages.

This product is issued from know-how of the baker which is passed from father to son in the Cornu family. It is made from ingredients which are guaranteed GMO-free.


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About “La Fabrique” Organic Salted Bread Twists:
The salted puff pastry sticks / salted puff pastry straws are organic, vegetarian and do not contain palm oil or GMOs. These organic salted butter twists are a fine bakery product.

Tasting Advice:
The salty crispy breadsticks are popular and almost irreplaceable on so many occasions: at home when welcoming guests, tea time, aperitifs, conferences, vernissages, and other official assemblies. The salty bread twists accompany perfectly champagne, wine, beer, and other beverages. They are also savored as is.

Preservation Advice:
Best before date : 9 months after conditioning
Store in a cool and dry place.
Once open they are best kept in a cool dry place, preferably in an airtight package, protected from light.

The first mention of flutes (in the food context) that was found in Switzerland appears in a Neuchâtel cookbook entitled La pâtisserie à la maison (1891). These flutes were made of leavened dough, the same one that was used for milk rolls. According to the description, the original flutes differ a bit from these organic salted crispy breadsticks. These puff pastry straws are slightly twisted giving them an elegant shape and are made from puff pastry dough rather than leavened dough. They are still the descendants of the flute made of leavened dough.

The research conducted by the Glossary of patois of the French-speaking Switzerland in the first decade of the 20th century found a single mention of flute, from the canton of Vaud (Les Ormonts), the definition was not very explicit ("elongated roll").

Today the Cornu Family from Champagne in Switzerland is the market leader in the production of these High Quality puff pastry snacks. Their latest brand La Fabrique blends quality and authenticity with perfect harmony. Some recipes go back to 1934, and were created by masterbaker André Cornu.

Ingredients list: Organic WHEAT flour (GLUTEN), organic BUTTER (30 %) (MILK), organic skimmed MILK powder, salt (2 %), organic yeast, organic sugar, organic BARLEY malt flour (GLUTEN).
Remark : The words in capital letters are allergens listed in annexe II of R UE 1169/2011. Allergens shall be emphasised through a typeset that clearly distinguishes it from the rest of the list of ingredients, for example by means of the font, style or background colour.

Allergen Information:

Deliberate presence* (Contains) Gluten, milk
Fortuitous presence** (May contain traces) None according to our current knowledge


Energy and Nutritional Values (Average):

Average values Per 100 g
Energy (kJ) 2122
Energy (kcal) 507
Fat (g) 25
of which saturates (g) 16
Carbohydrates (g) 58
of which sugar (g) 4.0
Fibre (g) 3.0
Proteins (g) 11
Salt (g) 1.8
* % RI : reference Intake of an average adult (8400 kJ / 2000 kcal ) (calculated from recommandations given by R EU 1169/2011).
The serving portion is given as an indication.

Product Specificities:

net weight 100g
organic yes
GMOs None
palm oil None
vegetarian yes

Organoleptic Properties:

Aspect / Colour Golden brown puff pastry twist
Texture Crispy
Odour Butter
Flavour Salt, butter

Product Origin:

Country of origin Switzerland
Produced by CORNU SA - Boulangerie Fine
Le Moulin
1424 Champagne