Palmier / Elephant Ear / Butterfly Cookies - no palm oil, no GMOs, vegetarian

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Palmier cookies are a tasty French pastry. In Hong Kong they are more commonly called butterfly cookies, as their shape resembles a butterfly. They accompany perfectly coffee, tea and other beverages.

About “La Fabrique” Butterfly Cookies:
The Butterfly Cookies / Palmier Cookies are a vegetarian product that doesn’t contain palm oil or GMOs.

Tasting Advice:
Butterfly Cookies / Palmier Cookies are much appreciated with coffee, tea and other beverages. Perfect to receive guests, it is also fancied by children. Its finesse makes it an exceptional holiday season treat.

Conservation Advice:
Once open they are best kept in a cool dry place, preferably in a hermetic box.

Even though it isn’t documented where or who exactly came up with the first recipe, many believe it was born during the early 20th century in France. The location is strongly suggested by its recipe and French name. Palmier cookies are Heart shaped, flaky and crispy with tastes of caramelized sugar and butter. Their base is puff pastry dough without yeast a French specialty also used for croissants.

Other names:
The butterfly cookies are known under many different names depending on the geographical region and the spoken language: Butterfly Cookies, butterfly pastries in Hong Kong, China, and in the chinese language. Elephant ear cookies, elephant ears food, elephant ear pastry in the US. Palm leaf cookies, shoe-soles or glasses, french hearts, pigs ear pastry, pig ear cookies, palmier cookies in english. Coeur de France in Switzerland/french. Palmeritas, Palmeras in Spain/spanish. Orejas in Mexico/spanish. Schweineohren in Germany. Petit palmier, palmier beurre in France / french.


weight 100g
vegetarian yes
GMOs None
palm oil None

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